Just A Little More May Be Too Much

My wife’s former college roommate and her family (husband, two children) are in town from Chicago.  It is great to have the opportunity to spend the weekend with them!

We had planned on their arrival Friday morning.  They called from the road and were able to make it up early, Thursday evening.  At 7pm. Now we had just a few hours to prepare our house for four guests.  Yikes!

Strange how the best laid plans rarely survive contact with reality.  We quickly focused on what would truly impact the quality of their visit and what wouldn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things.

The visit is going really well!


Ever have to insert yourself on a project that one of your staff has worked on, knowing that you will add value to the end product?  Every ask yourself how much value?  Sometimes the smallest change, maybe increasing the outcome by 5%, demotivates the team by 30% or more.  Is it worth it? Rarely.

Key theme here is at home or at work, focus on what really impacts quality in a big way, and let some of the small stuff go.  You’ll have more balance and better quality everywhere in life.JR