Android Market vs. Apple App Store

24 hours after the launch of the Android Market, reports suggest that T-Mobile G1 and iPhone users are extremely similar, or perhaps the developers for both devices are the exact same group of people.


Wednesday was the official sale date of T-Mobile’s G1 powered by Google’s Android Operating System. With the product’s release came the launch of the Android Market, a marketplace for open source applications and games built by developers, and available to consumers without charge for download — at least for now.


Twenty-four hours after Market’s launch, the good folks over at Medialets, the ad network for mobile applications recently launched by serial entrepreneur Eric Litman, put together a report comparing the first 24 hours of Android Marketplace vs. Apple’s App store.

Three main observations:
1. The average application has 7,800+ downloads
2. Nine apps made it to the 10,000 – 50,000 downloads range
3. iPhone and Android users have the same interests, or at least the developers of the apps for both platforms do.

Android Market vs Apple App Store

In the first 24 hours of launch of both stores, the observations would suggest that application distribution is relatively equal. And by extenstion, bets are on that iPhone users — demographically — resemble G1 users, at least the early adopters.

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