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I am currently in Jamaica and was invited on Tuesday to be a guest lecturer at the H.E.A.R.T. VTDI in Kingston by Dennis Howard, the UWI lecturer who brought me down in February to speak at the Global Reggae Conference.

It was a last-minute request but I was prepared and was able to speak to a class of students focusing on artist management in the music industry. The topic that evening was music videos and the Internet.

One of the students joined yesterday and wrote a blog post that gives a far better account than I could ever give. He wrote:

I got up this morning feeling good, the reason why yesterday I went to my artist managment class as always, about midway in the class a guest lecturer came in...his name was David Mullings, keep in mind I'm seeing this guy for the first time.

However, he proceeded to introduce himself to the class and started to give us a comprehensive overview of the internet and some of the various social networks that were available as well as effective. Mr. Mullings also went on to introduce the class to his Realvibez website which everyone found rather interesting, he told us what was offered by Realvibez and the whole movement of the company.

So as an upcoming artist I had to be a part of this new phenomenon that is taking over...believe me when I tell u being enlightened by someone never makes you inferior it makes you greater, because you now possess the knowledge on how to approach any situation hands for me blogging is new amongst a few more things that I'm gradually familiarizing myself I just want to thank Mr. David Mullings again for opening my eyes to other possibilities and avenues in this music industry truly appreciated.

That is all that I can ask for when I speak to students.

I ended up giving a second guest lecture to a UWI class while on Shaggy's music video set yesterday and will post about that tomorrow.

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