Pop!Tech: Scarcity and Abundance in Camden

In a world where both the bottom and top of the pyramid are reeling as markets melt down and tectonic economic shifts are shaking the planet, a conference dedicated to the theme “Scarcity and Abundance” seems stomach-churningly appropriate. 

Andrew Zolli, curator of Pop!Tech, the annual gathering of digerati in the foliage-happy precincts of Camden, Maine, kicked off the conference’s opening this morning by noting that while the developed world has mostly been preoccupied recently by the massive wipe-out of its abundant wealth, much of the world has been living simultaneously with excruciating scarcity.

Backed by a slide featuring luxury condos overlooking a shantytown, Zolli noted, “Because these two worlds live check by jowl, we share a common destiny. The focus, then, of this year’s Pop!Tech will be on exploring whether there are technologies, ideas and approaches which will work in both the worlds of scarcity and of abundance?”

You don’t need to be in Maine to hear the answers. You can follow the conference as it’s streamed live, on the Web, at