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Entrepreneurs drive economic growth. That's because all countries depend on the aspirations and ideas of their people to innovate, create jobs, and prosper. Ever-faster means of communication and increasing ease of travel make it easier for entrepreneurs to start up and succeed on a global stage. But nations must do more than just rely on these trends. They need to unleash their citizens' ideas to scale up enterprise. This means using tried-and-tested tools, like enterprise campaigns and education initiatives, to encourage people to think and act in enterprising ways: to spot opportunities, marshal resources, and turn their ideas into reality. Above all, it means engendering a global mindset amongst entrepreneurs –- in order that they think on a global scale, have global ambitions, and make global connections. Where did you start your entrepreneurial dreams? Was it in a classroom, from another entrepreneur? This new initiative aimed at young entrepreneurs is helping people generate new ideas and find innovative solutions. Are you keeping entrepreneurial dreams alive in your company? Do you encourage your employees, and children for that matter, to try a more creative approach to solving that problem or finding a great solution? Global Entrepreneurship Week takes place November 17-23 in countries all over the world. Partner organizations worldwide will conduct a range of activities — from simple speeches to comprehensive competitions — designed to inspire, connect, inform, mentor, and engage the next generation of entrepreneurs. Can your school, organization or company hold at least one activity during that week to help inspire, connect, mentor, or engage aspiring entrepreneurs? Then sign up to be an official Partner of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Global Entrepreneurship Week is founded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the UK'’s Make Your Mark campaign and sponsored by IBM, NYSE Euronext, and Ernst & Young. Learn more about the week at Using Entrepreneurship Week as a launch pad, take time to remember how good it felt to think outside of the box and start your business. With this in mind and heart, inspire that exhilaration in those around you. There are many problems to be solved and many people walking around with solutions. People are sitting right now in chairs at their desks with solutions to problems that we are agonizing over. Create an environment that will launch those ideas. Your business and our world will be better for it. A Women-Owned Business • • Ramsey, N.J.