• 10.21.08

New Apple Ads Employ McCain-like Tactics

Apple’s latest ads are out and the company has no qualms about playing dirty. Here’s a look at John Hodgman and Justin Long teaming up, yet again, to drive Vista into the ground.

Apple’s continuing onslaught against Microsoft is getting old. The company’s latest anti-Microsoft ads come off as more bullying than funny.


With all the backlash McCain’s campaign has been facing with their anti-Obama tactics, one might think Apple would be wary about playing so blatantly dirty. Yet the company continues in its attempts to highlight Vista as an inherently flawed product.

The first, shows John Hodgman (who plays the PC), dividing up stacks of dollar bills into piles for either “advertising” or to “fix Vista.” The pile to fix vista is, predictably, laughably small.

The second has Hodgman refusing to use the “V” word – he uses a buzzer to bleep out the word every time Justin Long (who plays the Mac) tries to use it: “we don’t use the V word anymore. It doesn’t sit well with frustrated PC users. From now, we’re going to use a word with a lot less baggage: Windows.”

While the new Apple ads aren’t all that funny, here’s something that IS. Cinematical points to a hilarious video from Canada’s Accident Factory on the Mac versus PC showdown. Check it out here: