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Hanh mitakuyapi. Hello my relatives.

 I received an email recently that claims Wal-Mart senior management has been calling mandatory meetings for the company's employees in which the employees are told they "cannot" vote for the Obama-Biden ticket "or any other employee-friendly, union-friendly candidates for political office". It's not an urban legend, according to the sources I checked.

 This makes me so angry I just boil. When it comes to the Constitution, I am a rabid supporter.

  Moreover, a person's vote is their own business, bumper stickers & shop talk notwithstanding. No one has a right - or even, the privilege - of telling another how s/he should or should not vote - even less how s/he can or cannot. Period, no discussion.

<< To complain, go online & send emails to the company's contacts; & / or call 1-800-Wal-Mart & raise stink via phone. Better yet, do both. Then boycott Wal-Mart if you don't already, & be sure to tell them you are doing so. The concept of the Land of the Free particularly includes one's voting preferences; & keeping one's job is never contingent on one's vote.. nor should it ever be. >>

<< And while we're on the subject, I want to get some things about Sarah the Bimbo off my chest. (1) She IS NOT representative of women in general, and women like me in particular. (2) Should you be one of those who thinks she's somehow unique because she hunts, let me tell you she isn't. I've hunted for over 35 years. Took 32 deer in 24 of those years & the guys I hunt with call me "Deadeye". I just don't make a big stink about it, & neither do most of the other women I know who hunt. We just get the job done - without trying to be so damned perky while we do it, as if we were trying to recapture our 6-year-old year. Makes me want to barf!, does Sarah the Bimbo. (3) Sarah the Bimbo is anti the following: (a) Freedom of Speech, religion, and privacy; (b) woman's right - not privilege - to choose whether or not to remain pregnant - which put Sarah the Bimbo in the same camp with rapists, since Gross Sexual Imposition is, by definition in law, the imposition of one person or group's preferences or desires on the sexual organs of another; (c) sex education other than abstinence - we've seen how well that works; she has a pregnant 17-year-old daughter; (d) stopping global warming; (e) preserving the Arctic, polar bears, and wolves (Sarah the Bimbo supports aerial alughter of wolves & promotes a $150/right foreleg bounty on wolves). I got the "anti" facts about Sarah the Bimbo from an email from Republican women who also want to make it abundantly clear that Sarah the Bimbo does not represent them, either. (4) I am utterly offended and repulsed by Sarah the Bimbo's continually referring to the general run of Americans as "Joe and Josephine 6-pack". This promotes the concept that alcoholism is normal for the general run of Americans; that the general run of Americans are more concerned with their (apparently-daily) 6-packs of alcohol than they are with issues; and that this is somehow acceptable. NOT! A! CHANCE! >>

 This being a business site, and you having an interest in micro-business, it is my hope that you will raise hell with and about Sarah the Bimbo and vote for any other candidate other than her & John the Jerk. This pair have less than no interest in micro-business; & less than that when it comes to women & minorities.. I'll leave you to look up the facts on their track records on this.

 Let us not forget that this patronizing old man had an affair with a rich heiress before divorcing his disfigured wife of dona-hey years - and then married the rich heiress a week or so after the divorce.. and then has the gall to claim he's a religious man. As a Spiritual Person of my People, I'd like to know what religion that is.

 Let us also not forget that this patronizing old man said "I don't think women need more Affirmative Action.. They just need more education and training." Like dogs? Hm? I'm no great supporter of Obama; I admit there's something too slick about him I just can't get near; although I like Joe Biden. But I'll vote for my dog before I'll vote for Sarah the Bimbo & John the Jerk - & we haven't gotten anywhere near my rants on the ability of either one of them to improve the business climate in an environmentally-friendly way, yet; or her potential to take over "in a good way" if/when John keels over..

 Thank you for hearing me in a good way now.