I just realized that my blog posts tend to be questions rather than sharing some sort of insight and this one is no different.

As I read articles about people like Marcel Wanders and think about classic control freaks like Jobs, I have a ton of respect for them. I can’t help but have the utmost respect for what they’ve created but I’m dying to know – what’s the sacrifice?

I’m not without control-freak tendencies myself. From reading about these two examples and many, many others, they all tend to share a focus on every last detail and an ability to grind it out and keep pressing when others would have been satisfied.

So there is talent and pure grit/determination. What’s the balance? Specifically, how hard are you required to work to be wildly successful heading up a design-related business? Can you, for instance, have a healthy family life and actual hobbies?

With the inherent time required to manage social networking apps and with devices like the iPhone which further blur the lines between work and play, it’s easy to work a 60+ hour week without thinking about it.

I’ll share first – I’m a partner at a small (very small) desgin firm of 10 people but we’re growing and pushing hard. I tend to work between 50-60 hours a week and have no boundaries between work and home – meaning I’m constantly online and in-touch.

My real questions here are:
Are the “Masters of Design” just more committed – sacrificing any balance for an impressive design legacy or are they just wildly talented, or both?

What works for you? Is it more important to work hard, play hard or do you have to fully commit to and make sacrifices in other areas to be successful in the design industry?DC