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The Mobile-Web Connection

Applications or apps have revolutionized the social media market in the last year, both on the web and on mobile phones. However, few applications allow users to access their personalized content between platforms. Sonic Boom, founded in late 2003, publishes "mobile social media," which allows members of social networks like Facebook to generate and access their content on both online and mobile mediums.

"Having the mobile and web communities is novel, but it’s been done before," says David Danon, founder and CEO of Sonic Boom. "We’re letting people create things to share across two mediums. Most people weren’t able to send stuff to a phone easily. Certainly for a phone to the web, it was complicated." The New York-based enterprise is launching a suite of Facebook and iPhone apps later this year, including the first mobile trivia game for Facebook: "Name That Movie."

With the proliferation of social applications on Facebook, MySpace and Meebo, Danon says that they have found viral marketing to be the best strategy in promoting their products. "What we’ve realized is that instead of having a marketing budget, what we do is spend marketing on building out these sites or Facebook applications that are complementary to our product," Danon says. "It allows us to get the most exposure with the carriers to the demographic we’re both pursuing."

Since Facebook apps have proven to be incredibly popular, many developers are testing the lucrative waters. Since the phone can serve as a billing mechanism, Danon says, it creates a "monetization bridge." Danon uses the web as a gathering service and funnels people to an experience where they can ultimately purchase something. For example, if a user creates a graphic on the "Tattoo Shop" application on Facebook, he or she will then get a mobile notice on how to receive it on the phone. "We’re allowing people to discover our experiences on the web, but also allowing them to purchase the mobile version of it," he says."

Sonic Boom already has some iPhone applications in the works for the iTunes store, Danon says they’ll also bring their products to the Blackberry store when it opens and will be releasing some apps on T-Mobile by the end of the year. The company is also working on some new applications to help boost the music industry, as ringtones sales have plummeted. "They need to create a new product that energizes that retail space."