McCain and VA Records Online – Full Disclosure versus Transparency

I just read a great post on Daily Kos (McCain Tonight: “Put Health Care Records Online” You First, Sir)that
discusses the merits (or lack thereof) of promoting this kind of
transparency in regards to information that could benefit the American

I had a great interview for the book with Micah Sifry, Senior Editor of Personal Democracy Forum where
we discussed issues of transparency in government that were a bit more
palatable than having private medical records listed online.  Sifry and
organizations like The Sunlight Foundation
are trying to get public records already online out of PDF format so
they’ll be searchable/taggable.  Sifry also notes how some Senators and
other public officials use public Google Calendars/maps to let their
constituents know where they’ll be and when which is pretty amazing. 
As Sifry noted in our interview, “if they work for us, why shouldn’t we
know what they’re doing?”

I applaud McCain’s use of the word
transparency a number of times last night but the medical records
comment makes me think he’s not actively pursuing ways to truly make
government more open online.  But the more I can’t find information
that I should about government via the Internet, the more I’ll wonder
what people are trying to hide.