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Sarah Palin: Advertising Industry Metaphor

"An ability to babble nonsensically and make people believe it...Sarah Palin is perfect for the ad industry.," writes Dan Goldgeier, an Atlanta-based advertising copywriter and AdPulp blogger. If you're political-junky-meets-ad-industry-junky like me and looking for a mid-day satirical laugh, you should check his column today, "From Wasilla to Madison Avenue," which likens the vice presidential nominee to the Donatella Draper of politics. He argues that regardless of whether Palin (herself a marketing decision) actually makes it to The White House, the folksy politician may in fact be the future of advertising. Here are some of the funnier (albeit, depressing) outtakes:

"Everyone over-analyzed the winks she gave during that debate. But spend enough time in agency meetings and you’ll understand. She winks not because she likes us, she winks because she’s bullshitting us and she wants people believe to believe her BS. That’s upper management material in ad agencies."

"I have an idea: Put her on the new business team! She’s got the ability to take a simple question and spin an answer that, when dissected, is nonsensical gibberish. That’s a highly valuable skill."

"Lots of people say they like Palin because she’s "one of us." In other words, she connects with the target audience. But the reality is she claims an authenticity that she doesn’t really have...But in advertising, as long as you can fake authenticity, you’ve got it made."