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During my last posts, I discussed the use of as a vehicle to tie traditional business models, in this case, a Chamber of Commerce together with a robust social networking site. We learned that the methods are time consuming, one must give before they get, and the results, initially, are difficult to measure.

In today's post, I share a significant bit of progress. The Chamber adopted a "Premium" package associated with the social networking integration. The Brentwood Chamber of Commerce in Brentwood TN, allowed its Tech Strategies group to launch a true social networking portal for its members.

 The upside is significant in that the sites initial members may actually be none members, allowing for cross sales, promotion of Chamber membership, and special events used to recruit into the Chamber. Particiapation is being led by the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce Tech Strategies team.

For purposes of review, the Brentwood Cool Springs Chamber of Commerce has approximately 1000 members. This powerful group consist of some of the key decsion makers in Middle TN. There exists a vacumn associated with the Chamber's desire to provide networking options for its members. The online portal, serves as a portal or method for tying its members together 24 hours a day.

 While this isn't a pitch for Ning, it is a pitch for easy to navigate Social Networking building tools that can be customized down to the CSS level and brought up from the ground level with nominal costs and tremendous benefits. The Chamber model is a great one. The installed user base of niche oriented "participants" in the network know why they joined. They are purposed to collaborate, share, cross promote, and buy from one another.

If you have questions regarding this level of service to your Chamber or community, don't hesitate to email the author. Its his passion!