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Take a Hike Ike and Get to Work

Interviewers and entrepreneurs often ask me the same question. What’s the most common trait between successful rock stars and successful entrepreneurs? I know they all wish I had a silver bullet, a magic fix and some enlightening words of wisdom.  But I don’t. It’s simply hard work. That’s it. Hard work, a good work ethic. It’s not waiting for someone else to take care of things.

As the rest of the world moves on with life, those of us on the Gulf Coast are still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Ike. The size of the storm and the path of destruction are unlike no other in recent history. Yes. Ike was bigger and more devastating than Rita or Katrina. However, we’re off the front page and are no longer the lead story, if any story at all.

Why? Again, the answer is hard work.

Within hours, people were out on the roads pulling debris out of the streets so traffic could again move through the community. No one waited for the government or FEMA to move the branches. We moved the branches. We moved the debris. As trucks came through and started the clean up process, we swept and tried to make our piles neat as they got smaller and eventually disappeared all together.

There are others still cleaning their property. Complete strangers, we stop and, without asking, get out of the car and start helping with their clean up.

Seabrook schools started up two weeks ago. Galveston schools opened last week. Some houses are livable, some aren’t, some people are camping in their driveways while they work hard to clean up and make the house livable again.

Grocery stores and restaurants are open; some at minimum operating levels, but the work ethic is there. They are open.

It shouldn’t take a major disaster to teach work ethic but it does help to make the point. You can wait for someone else to move the branch and blame the delay on someone else and wait to get income generating work done. Or…

YOU can move the branch and get to work.