Auto Industry Crash

New York — Some of the world’s biggest companies are about to blow
one of the most exceptional growth opportunities in history.  Seventy
million light vehicles are sold annually, demand is rising steadily
worldwide, the industry is in the beginning of a huge replacement cycle
to green vehicles, but, most of today’s suppliers will not be around to


The reason, as the tools of the Corporate Innovation Project show, most have terrible North River Management Grades and can not survive.

The scale of this opportunity is enormous. 
Five percent of the global 70 million-unit light vehicle market is 3.5
million vehicles.  An average selling price of $20,000 translates into
$70 billion in annual sales, a large company by any standard.

The automotive industry is a booster rocket ready to leave earth orbit.  It is an opportunity not to be missed.

But the industry is riven with crippling discontinuities and secular shifts in demand that many incumbents can not survive…

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