Welcome to Washington Watch – A New Fast Company Blog on Innovation and IT Policy

Hello and welcome to Washington Watch. I’m Rob Atkinson, President of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation in Washington, DC. We’re excited to come aboard as Fast Company expert bloggers on the topic of innovation and information technology policy. ITIF is a non-partisan think tank that has been working for two and a half years to formulate and promote public policies that advance technological innovation and productivity internationally, in Washington, and in the states.

At least once a week on this blog we’ll bring you the latest news from Washington, the states, and around the globe on public policies and institutions that are driving innovation-led economic growth. We’ll look at the candidates’ policies on innovation and technology policy, monitor and report as the next President begins to implement his innovation and technology agenda, and bring you the latest from the world of innovation economics – a new movement in the field of economics that seeks to succeed neo-classical and neo-Keynesian economics by developing economic growth models that intentionally account for the effects of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship and argues that countries should implement innovation-led economic policies.

We’ll also look at how digital transformation is transforming our quality of life in virtually all aspects of society, from education to health care to personal and public safety. And we’ll report how information technology is transforming and driving innovations in government, commerce, and transportation.

We’re pleased for you to join this conversation with us. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for topics to cover on the blog – and look forward to the dialogue.


Rob Atkinson