Ebb and Flow


Project work by nature has peaks of intense work effort and valleys (ebb!) where everything is moving along and you can get caught up on other tasks and priorities.  Use this time wisely to do what many call “the laundry” – those small tasks that if left undone too long (just like laundry) cause big problems.  This ebb time is also great for re-priortizing your work/life balance.  Seth Godin has a great post on effort versus luck here.


Just as the tide goes out, it flows in as well.  And carries all manner of flotsam, jetsam and even a few alligators. By preparing during ebb times, you can let the smaller tasks wait or be delegated so you can give full attention to the intense work days/weeks that are required more each year.

When you give 100% attention to both the Ebb and Flow, you’ll find a better balance and higher productivity at home and at work.

You have a choice…Make it a great Friday!