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LG [LGERF.PK] looks as if it’s prepared to challenge Nokia [NOK] and Sony [SNE] for the title of most camera-capable mobile phone. First came the KC920, nicknamed the Renoir, and now a new little-brother model: the just-announced KC780.

At 13.9mm thin, the KC780 shares a slim form-factor with the Renoir, and boasts a sizable 2.4-inch LCD on its face. The Schneider lens on the opposite side will deliver 8-megapixel images, and will be augmented by some standard point-and-shoot features that aren’t usually found on camera-phones, like a face enhancer. That feature identifies human faces and can detect smiles, so that if you switch on "beauty mode," the camera will automatically smooth out blemishes without any user input. Whether or not that will end up making your kid sister look acne-free or melting your grandma’s eyebrow into her nose has yet to be seen.

Talking film speeds, the device sports 200-1600 ISO and a built-in image stabilizer, so it should make for pretty decent low-light bar candids. It also has a flash, but as with most camera phones, it’ll likely be ineffectual past a few feet. The phone also takes video at 640x480 resolution, and can — this is cool — be paired via Bluetooth with your PC to act as a webcam. No prices or US availability yet, but if you’re still using a web-cam-less laptop and you’re a Skype fan, congrats: a solution is coming.