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Not much to add to the already-reported rumors of new Apple [AAPL] MacBooks on their way in 5 days, but Apple has finally acknowledged the event by sending out an invitation to special media folks. The event will start at 10AM PST on the 14th of October, and will be held at Apple's Cupertino, California headquarters.

They haven't specified that this is a MacBook release event, but the invitation has a dimly-lit photo of a MacBook Pro shell on it, so this blogger has used his intrepid skills of deduction to come to the above conclusion.

If you're not privvy to the rumors, Apple is said to be announcing new laptops that whose cases will be machined from single bricks of aluminum to increase strength and decrease weight, as well as to save on production costs. There's also a rumor of an $800 laptop circulating, and early photos — though unverified — show spyshots of new MacBook Pros with beveled edges, ala MacBook Air, and a funky LCD touchpad.