Opportunity of a Lifetime

I’m quoting this blog entry by Seth Godin, author of a dozen brilliant marketing books and Seth Godin’s Blog.
Seth’s comments are simple, yet remarkable. Incredibly encouraging and powerful. Our greatest opportunities are borne from our greatest problems. Think about it….the greatest inventions and companies are founded because they solve a problem.
Try not to view the upcoming recession, the Real Estate and Mortgage crisis as your personal crisis. It may have been your personal kick in the butt, but it also represents the opportunity to reinvent yourself to bigger and better things.
Great post Seth….
“Opportunity of a lifetime
So, there’s plenty of bad economic news floating around. From the price of oil to Wall Street to bailouts to the death of traditional advertising.
Which is great news for anyone hoping to grow or to make an impact.
Change (and the fortunes that go with it) is almost always made during the down part of the cycle. It might not be fun, but it’s exciting. (Where do you think Google came from?) The opportunity is to find substantial opportunities (in any field) that deliver real value and have a future. Those jobs/investments/companies/ideas are undervalued right now, but not for long.”
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