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YouTube May Finally Make Money
It’s been years since YouTube became the jewel in Google’s [GOOG] crown in terms of usership, but it’s never made the company a dime. Now it seems the search giant is figuring out effective ways to monetize their video site, according to announcements made Monday.

The company says YouTube will begin to include e-commerce links beside every YouTube partner video, allowing viewers to click through and purchase products associated with the videos they’re watching. The site’s partner program allows advertising to be controlled with content, so that advertisers don’t end up with their brand emblazoned above a video of some teenager jumping off a roof.

A good example of how the process will work can be seen in music videos. A partner record company can upload an official version of a given video, and YouTube will incorporate links into the video page that will allow viewers to buy albums through Amazon [AMZN] or Apple’s [AAPL] iTunes. YouTube will receive a commission on every sale it generates, but the company didn’t announce how much.