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It’s the scourge of the new generation of computer-users. The ubiquity of electronic communications is so pervasive that sometimes you have access to the world when your brain has lost access to your fingers. Under those circumstances — drunk as hell, or perhaps just high on life after seeing The Eagles — you open up your laptop and scratch out an idiotic email that you invariably regret the next morning.

Now Google [GOOG] is testing something they’re calling Google Goggles, which might save you from your worst instincts. The Gmail feature will force users to solve a basic math test before allowing them to send an email at certain times of night, which are specified by the user.

Sound like exactly what you need? Log into Gmail, go to Settings, and then to Labs. Then you can set up the days and times you want to enable Goggles. Most people will pick Friday and Saturday nights, while others (here’s looking at you, Lindsay Lohan) will hopefully have the sense to turn it on 24/7. You have 60 seconds to complete the math problems, which are a mixture of basic arithmetic, multiplication and division, or you’re not allowed to send your message. Believe it or not, it’s not a joke; April 1st is still some months away.