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Walk Around Your Life

Walk Around Your Life

Are you the Inspector Clouseau in your life?

With every person I meet in my work/life I ask myself, "Why is this person put in front of me?" Life is not random. The people whose paths you cross whether at work or away from work is for a reason. The way to learn why you meet the people you meet are to "walk around your life."

The clues are there for us to see. Every interaction presents the opportunity to learn about your customers, your company, and yourself. I look at every person I meet during my day as a lesson that is my job to unravel. All of the information that we need to improve our businesses, heighten our customer service experience, make life better for our teams, and improve things at large is right there in front of us.

The secret is in learning to make a habit of being observational. But more than that, it's making a habit of getting involved with everyone we meet at every step of our work/life. That means the usual cliché of Have a nice day! Or how are you doing? is a lost opportunity. We need to slow down and take the time to actually find out why the other person is having a nice day or find out how they really are. People are unwitting messengers of the information we need to drive the business and personal decisions we make. Don’t miss the vital information that lurks just below the surface conversation.

The benefits of slowing down and being genuine is not just contained to this conversation, but impacts all of the people we each meet the rest of that day, the rest of that week, and into the future farther than we can know.

Slow down. Be an Inspector Clouseau. Walk around your life and learn what you've been missing.

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