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In the book The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur that I recently endorsed, Mike Michalowicz speaks early on about the importance of visualizing your goal before setting out to achieve it.

He quotes Bob Marley as the best example of doing this and achieving success.

Before Bob was a household name, he famously said:

My music will go on forever. Maybe is a fool who says that, but when I know facts, mi talk facts. My music will go on forever
Buddha said something similar thousands of years ago:
All that we are is the result of what we have thought
How often do you visualize the outcome of a meeting before heading into it?

What about the outcome of your business or assignment at work/school?

This is one of the fundamental differences between those who achieve and those who don't: Mental attitude.

Mike also quotes Henry Ford:

If you think you can or think you can't, you are right
When I was growing up and regularly attended swimming classes in Jamaica, my swim teacher, Mr. Lopez, had one rule:
"Can't" is a four-letter badword

That always stuck with me. We could never tell him that we can't swim 10 laps, can't do the butterfly or can't hold our breath for 60 seconds.

He was like Yoda: There is no "can't", only "try"

I set out a 15-year plan broken into blocks of 5 years when I was 15 with the goal of positively influencing others, especially young Jamaicans.

I am now 27 and I have already achieved that goal and now focus on building on that foundation.

I started this blog to be able to share my lessons with others and inspire people. That too has come true and I always believed it was going to happen. I have met my fair share of people who think I am crazy for having such big goals or think I am too young to provide any useful advice, but I have never once let them trample my dreams.

Do you have "Big Hairy Audacious Goals" (BHAGS) as Jim Collins, author Good To Great and Built To Last, would say?

Be positive, surround yourself with positive people, seek out tons of advice and don't let the naysayers win.

Remember, "Can't" is a four-letter badword.