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Big News From BlackBerry

Today we have the privilege of recognzing two signifcant achievements for RIM [RIMM], the maker of BlackBerry devices. Both are long in coming, much-needed, and potentially dangerous for companies trying to dominate the touchscreen device market (Apple [AAPL] and Google [GOOG], take note). 

The first development out of the Canadian smartphone maker is news that it will be drastically improving its Macintosh sync software, finally acknowledging that some BlackBerry owners out there might have Macs. The new software will be similar to the PC program that exists now, but will be fully Mac-ified, allowing users to sync music, photos, videos and iTunes playlists to their favorite device. The company hasn't leaked an official announcement date, but screenshots of the software are available at Boy Genius Report. 

The second development is the seemingly imminent launch of the BlackBerry Storm, the first BlackBerry to be touchscreen operable. The rumors are so voluble at this point that even reported that a formal announcement about the device was expected tomorrow, Wednesday, October 7th. With the combination of Macintosh-friendly syncing and a touch-operable smartphone — complete with its own applications store, ala Apple — prospective iPhone buyers finally have a comparable option to weigh against the Apple device.