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As we reported last week on this blog, a number of industry rumors point to October 14th as a drop date for the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros from Apple [AAPL]. Rumors out of Nvidia [NVDA] seemed to confirm that date, as a graphics card that is said to be used in the new laptops had its official release date postponed until just after the Apple laptops are said to debut. Now more information is coming to light about the MacBook announcement.

If 9to5mac is to be believed, the new MacBook enclosures will be — get this — machined out of a single block of aluminum. According to the leaks that site is receiving, the new system is being nicknamed the MacBook Brick amongst insiders.

Why use a brick of aluminum? Supposedly the solid-machining process, which uses lasers and water-jets to carve out one seamless enclosure, will make production faster, cheaper and easier. By using a single hunk of metal, manufacturers will not have to bend any metal, which should reduce the number of seams, screws and other weak areas in the case. That will mean a sleeker, thinner and stronger design than that of previous MacBooks. Will all this come to pass? We'll see in nine days.