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Consumers that checked out a Nokia [NOK] podcast on its new S60 Symbian operating system this week might have noticed that it featured press photos of an as-yet-announced touchscreen device. On the heels of the release of the Finnish company’s first true finger-operable touchscreen phone, the Tube, this news might suggest that Nokia is investing more R&D in the touch format, and perhaps looking into a combination touch/clamshell form factor like the one seen in the press photos.

The mystery device is shown with a large, grid-like touchscreen, much like the iPhone, with two soft keys, Send and End buttons, and a directional pad below. In another photo, a user is seen using a stylus with the device in landscape mode, and a slider, touch-sensitive keyboard protracted from beneath the screen.

Whether or not Nokia is pursuing a production version is unknown, but with RIM’s [RIMM] BlackBerry Storm brewing a few weeks away and Apple [AAPL] undoubtedly toiling away on a third-gen iPhone, the Fins can use every touchscreen weapon they can produce.