My Letter Published In Inc. Magazine October 2008 Issue

The 3rd quarter has started nicely – The entrepreneurship book I endorsed is on sale and doing well, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, we have a meeting with a potential investor on Sunday who approached us and I am in Inc. magazine’s October 2008 issue.

The Inc. magazine presence is only a published letter in response to an article from this summer but it still gets my name and company name out there – which helps with thought leadership and recognition.

I have already had 2 companies contact me since yesterday because of it so clearly it is a good thing.

The original article was The Get Ahead Guide: ScanDigital Processes 100,000 Images a Month and my comment was here.

Inc. contacted me shortly after to include it in the September issue. I was excited but kept quiet, in case it fell through.

It was pulled because that issue was the big Inc. 500 issue.

Yesterday a rep from a company emailed me and mentioned that he found out about us due to my Inc. letter and he also liked what I said.


So my letter, or a truncated version of it, is in the October 2008 issue – read it here.

Maybe I can use that to impress some of the potential investors in order to prove that we have good business sense 🙂