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Has NVIDIA Leaked New MacBook Details?

Rumors have been afire that Apple [AAPL] is coming shortly with new MacBooks and MacBook Pros, the latter of which feel as if they haven't been updated in centuries. Now there's word that a MacBook event is planned for October 14, and news out of NVIDIA [NVDA] seems to support that news.

NVIDIA's new MCP7A chipset was supposed to launch on September 30, but the launch was pushed back almost exactly two weeks to right after the supposed MacBook launch. The chipset garnered attention for reports that it was faster and more capable than Intel's [INTC] G45 at graphics and audio, particularly for Hi-Def encoding and multi-channel audio support. There have been coincidental rumors that Apple chose the NVIDIA chipset over Intel's for the new MacBooks, and that NVIDIA has re-aligned their product launch so as to not let the cat out of the bag before Apple throws its laptop party in mid-October.

Rumors of the new MacBook Pros report that they share aesthetic kinship with the MacBook Air, sporting beveled edges and a new, MacBook-like separate-key keyboard. There have also been rumors of a touch-sensitive, iPhone-like LCD touchpad that contains the dock, but anything that dramatic should often be taken with a grain of salt.