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Have you ever wondered what you would do if your business was hit by a large scale disaster? Sure you have your insurance policy, but what would you do during the weeks or months waiting for the check to arrive. If your office was damaged, how long could you stick it out while it was rebuilt? With the recent hurricanes Gustav and Ike, hundreds of business owners are facing this exact scenario. Even with insurance I suspect many of them will never be able to come back because they can’t recover from the downtime.

For a handful of "lucky" companies this won’t be a problem. By working with a company called Agility Recovery Solutions, they had mobile office trailers with complete phones and Internet service in place within 48 hours. In Galveston, a credit union was even able to disperse money to account holders using an Agility trailer, which obviously was a godsend to the people who needed cash to buy emergency supplies.

I talked to Bob Boyd the CEO of Agility and asked him why businesses needed this service. He explained that large Fortune 500 companies spend millions on disaster contingency plans but up until now smaller businesses had very few options. Like the AFLAC commercial, small business insurance would cover the loss but there was really no supplemental help for getting the business back up and running quickly. Agility doesn’t just write a check, they show up like the auto club to bail you out. Bob told me that during hurricane Ike, Agility was able to put over 45 mobile office trailers on-site and get their client companies back in business within 48 hours. Obviously this helps the companies, but in many cases such as the credit union, it also helps the people who are relying on these companies to be there when they need them.

I watched a short video of people talking about how Agility stepped in after Katrina a few years ago and I was moved by what a difference this company could make in the lives and businesses of the people they helped. Agility operates nationwide and you can learn more about them here.

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