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New MacBook Pro Leaked?

The folks over at Engadget have gotten ahold of what might be a leaked photo of the new Apple [AAPL] MacBook Pro. Mac pundits everywhere have joined a chorus demanding the model's redesign, which is said to be long overdue. If this photo is any indication, Apple might be sitting on a major revision of the much-loved machine.

It's worth mentioning again that these spy shots pop up all the time, and that many of them turn out to be nothing more than hopeful fan art. But if that's what this image is, then it's pretty spot-on; it nails almost every major feature on a Mac-users wish list. 

The form-factor, for example, takes cues from the MacBook Air, with curved, beveled edges that make the machine look even more svelte than it is. It also seems to be more along the lines of the glass-and-black-metal aesthetic of the new iMacs as well. Most interesting, however, is the trackpad, which appears to have an LCD screen built into it, containing the dock. If there's anything that could out this photo as a hoax, it's probably this feature — but if it's real, well then, whoa. It's cool.

The machine appears to be a 15.4-inch screen model, and seems to feature a new keyboard with isolated keys (like the MacBook keyboard.) Rumors of an imminent MB Pro refresh have been perpetual, but here's to hoping for that LCD/touchpad thingie sometime soon.