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Without a true finger-operable touchscreen phone, Nokia [NOK] has been a little bit behind the industry eight ball. The company has made repeated promises to release an iPhone competitor called the "Tube," but it's been delayed seemingly forever (perhaps, this blogger hopes, in an attempt to come up with a better name than "Tube"). 

But the Tube is coming indeed, according to leaks coming out of Nokia, which say that the device will debut on October 2. It will apparently be called the 5800 XpressMusic, which is a disappointing and less colorful name than the "Tube," but perhaps more professional. The launch date will likely coincide with NOK's new "Comes With Music" promotion, which is a handheld-based subscription music service meant to compete with the Apple [AAPL] iTunes store and with Microsoft's [MSFT] excellent Zune store functionality.

Other specs will include the usual smartphone package, with some Nokia tweaks: A-GPS, Wifi, a big 640x360 touchscreen, an 8GB SD card included for music, and the Symbian S60 operating system.