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Adobe [ADBE] products have been famously synonymous with creative Macintosh-types for years, but early reports from Wired magazine on the beta version of the company's Creative Suite 4 are even more Mac-friendly than ever. The company is supposedly adding support for Apple's [AAPL] multi-touch trackpads, which will allow you to use two fingers to pinch and draw images to zoom in and out of them. It will also support the use of multi-touch to rotate and "throw" pictures across the screen. If that's hard to imagine, Wired compares it to scrolling on the iPhone; if you hold down spacebar, click and drag an image, and toss it in one direction, it will slide with realistic momentum across the screen. No word on how that's useful, exactly, but it does sound good.

Other improvements will benefit all machines, not just the Cupertino kind. Photoshop will now make use of GPU accerlation, which allows the software to shift the burden of graphics-intensive operations onto the graphics card, freeing up horsepower in the central processor. Oh, and one more nifty add-on: Apple-tilde finally switches between windows, as it does in normal Mac software.