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Last weekend I attended the annual Blogworld and New Media Expo in Las Vegas and was struck by how much "real world" time the new media people spent with each other. It was almost as if all the blogging and new media tools are just a way for real world friends to get together. For those who came to Blogworld trying to unravel the mysteries of social media, the most important lessons came during the evening parties over dinner and at the bar. While the Blogosphere might have it’s own lingo and more than its share of insider jokes, contrary to the perception of the general population it is not a mysterious 5th dimension twilight zone. It’s made up of real people who eat and drink and talk together. Find these people, learn from these people, and soon the world of new media/social media and the Blogosphere will be as welcoming as a bar where everybody knows your name.

There are probably a couple of hundred people in the inner circle of the new/social media world, but if you want a head start on who’s who. Join Twitter and look for the following people: queenofspain, briansolis, garyvee, jackiepeters, scobleizer, chrisheuer, pistachio, seanpercival, mashable, ozsultan, nicolejordan, stephagresta, gregarious, jasoncalacanis, ericaogrady, and technosailor.

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