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Say good-bye to tap-tap-tapping extensive messages into your not-so-convenient Smartphone. Swype wants to introduce you—and the 2.5 billion other cell phone users—to a whole new way to type. Unveiled at TechCrunch50 this month, Swype is an innovative software technology that replaces the tedious point and tap approach with swiping your finger in one continuous motion across the flat, on-screen keyboard. The software registers what word you are spelling even when you graze across other letters on the keyboard or when two spellers take different routes across the screen. Moving your fingers fluidly along the keyboard rather than plunking your way raises the user’s words per minute from 20 with T9 (predictive text) to 50 with Swype. An integrated 65,000-word dictionary, meanwhile, corrects dubious spelling.

Check out Swype’s savvy presentation (seriously) at the 2008 TechCrunch50 conference.

Swype co-founders Randy Marsden and Cliff Kushler (co-creator of T9 technology, which predicts words as you text-message) implement the technology on phones, computer tablets, game consoles, kiosks, televisions and virtual screens. Swype’s software is ideal for Smartphones and Tablet PCs such as XP, Vista and Surface. Here’s hoping Apple comes on board: the iPhone could really use some text entry improvement.