Four Generations At Work

Here are some compelling statistics for all of us in the workforce:

  • Someone in America’s Baby Boomer Generation turns 60 every 10 minutes.
  • Of America’s entire workforce holding executive and managerial positions, 19% will be eligilble to retire by 2012. But, McKinsey Global Institute has a frightening statistic that wih the current downturn in the economy, professionals and workers will have to continue working until they reach 70 years old in order to keep the same standard of living. 
  • Couple this with the fact that Millennials, those born after 1981, make up 22% of the workforce and by 2014 they will represent 47% of the workforce- that means we will continue to have four generations in the workforce for some time.

My blog New Learning Playbook is sponsoring research on what it means to have multiple generations in the workplace. What are the changing needs, perceptions and requirements, of these four generations and what will Heads of Human Resources, Talent Management, and Chief Learning Officers do in order to recruit and keep the best talent?

I ask you to take our survey  and I will be reporting back on the results.