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Billing it as the "world's lightest Blu-ray notebook," Sony [SNE] announced today its new TT series notebook. The device will come housed in a carbon fiber chassis, and weigh just 2.8 pounds. It will sport an 11.1-inch XBRITE-DuraView LCD, and measure up at just 1 inch thick. The machine will run on an Intel Centrino 2 processing platform, and come pre-loaded with various versions of Microsoft's [MSFT] Windows Vista.

Aside from its much-touted Blu-ray drive, the Vaio TT will also sport a massive 256GB solid state drive, a 16:9 aspect ratio for watching movies, Sprint EV-DO mobile broadband, a for big-screen buffs, an HDMI-out port that will send Blu-ray to your HDTV at full 1080p resolution.

Otherwise, the notebook sports the regular features: 2 USB ports, a webcam, WiFi and Bluetooth. Models will start at $2000, or $2750 for SSD-equipped models, and come in tri-colore: black, red and champagne gold.