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Creativity, and its coveted byproduct, Innovation does NOT result from an event. Sustained innovation accompanies a culture of innovation. Pixar is one company that has consciously created a culture of sustained innovation. Their culture is defined by a few fundamental principles: lasting relationships matter, talent is rare and management’s job is not to prevent risk but to build the capability to recover when failures occur. Pixar is attuned to quickly identify any flaws that could destroy their culture.  Some actions Pixar has taken to construct an environment that nurtures trusting and respectful relationships, safe interactions and unleashes creativity include: finding talent and granting talented folks creative ownership;  establishing a Braintrust, which provides a forum for directors to explore early ideas and gain feedback from seasoned directors and leaders; conducting   daily feedback and post mortem sessions to ensure final work is on target; creating a physical space that forces comingling by placing common needs such as cafeteria and post office in a central place that will traversed by all; and, eliminating barriers to sharing ideas across functions and levels. What are you doing to create a work environment characterized by collective creativity?