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RIM [RIMM] is following up the successful product life of the Blackberry Curve with an even better successor: the Javelin. Not only is it an improvement on its predecessor, but it even has an edge over the new Blackberry Bold with a few killer new features.

For starters, there’s a dedicated "Lock" button on the side of the device, something that Blackberry owners have been asking for since the early days. The screen in the Javelin is also the best quality of any Blackberry so far, running at 480x360 resolution and sporting HVGA+ technology, which allows icons to appear sharper even at smaller sizes. The processor inside the Javelin is also speedier than the Curve, as is the internal memory and the camera, making all-around functionality feel sharper and more reliable with less lag. And while the smaller form factor of the new ‘Berry means a slightly compacted keyboard, early reports are saying that it’s no less comfy than previous Blackberry keyboards.

While no release date or price has been announced yet by RIM, the welter of information about the device suggests that its release is imminent.