5 Reasons to Serve on a Nonprofit Board: Especially Now

September 21 – Given the stresses and distractions of the job market, I thought that business people on nonprofit boards might lose interest in their board work. To the contrary, what I am hearing is that board members are valuing their experiences now more than ever. According to them, here’s what you get to do on boards:

  1. Channel creative energy in contributing productively in strengthening a nonprofit organization for a cause that is meaningful to you
  2. Gain expertise on complex issues that are integral to business and the economy – for example, community development, education, housing, healthcare, the environment
  3. Better understand board governance through personal experience
  4. Build valuable networks and relationships with fellow board members and an organization’s donors – by working together on issues you care about and the good reputation you earn
  5. Grow as a leader the only way you can – through experience

I’d love to hear your comments.

And stay tuned this week. I’ll be blogging from the Clinton Global Initiative, where the world’s leaders are coming together this week in NYC.