Pillars for Innovation

What hinders Innovation, what drives Innovation and what boosts the results of Innovation? Googol founder Dariush Ghatan shares some of his thoughts in this blogicle on Innovation Management.

Our fundamentals are that innovation comes from 3 pillar stones: Knowledge, Information and Resources. If you as a business manager can’t commit to these, then innovation will not happen.

Following these, Focus Areas for innovation becomes increasingly important. Yes, organisations have tons of innovation ideas, but too few of them are the right ones with the right quality in organisations that are capable of doing something with them. By developing and communicating focus areas, organisations tend to improve their ability to generate financially rewarding innovations.

By setting Radical Goals, much higher than the 5% organic growth rates that we tend to see, looking for more dramatic results such as three times more customer satisfaction, well then we start asking ourselves “what is customer satisfaction”. To answer the insightful questions businesses have to involve their clients, work-force, contractors, competitors etc in a true way. Much as is described in the Connect and Develop situations.

We tell our clients to redefine their organisation, its boundaries and its objectives. At Googol, we even ask our clients to develop our concepts with us, thus ensuring their interest for buying, shortening the time-to-market and time-to-money.

-Dariush Ghatan