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Last week saw the announcement of a cool Sony [SNE] boombox that inahles your iPod as if it were one of its own organs. Now there's word that there are several more iPod dock boomboxes on the way from Sony, though the next few are markedly less consumptive. The ICF-CD3iPSIL — really, that's the name — is one example; a round-faced alarm clock and AM/FM radio with a iPod dock that juts off the to side, letting your iPod stand free and clear of total capture.

There's also the XDR-S10HDiP, which houses an HD radio, as well as the usual AM/FM. Also on the way is the SRS-GU10IP, which is basically a clock and a speaker that can connect to an iPod. The latter two models appear to be available now, for $180 and $150 respectively, while the round-faced ICF-CD3iPSIL will be available at the end of the month (though you can pre-order it now for $100).