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Apple [AAPL] impressed iPhone 3G owners with fancy-pants compact A/C adaptors that conveniently plugged into the phone's USB cord, making any iPod/iPhone cord a wall charger. Now it turns out those nifty A/C mini-adaptors could kill you.

Or, if not kill you, hurt you pretty badly. The adaptor's metal prongs, which extend into your wall outlet, may have a tendency to break off, and if you accidentally touch the broken prong while it's still inside the outlet, you're fried. So what do you do? Contact Apple, and they'll send you a safe one. 

The "Ultracompact USB power adaptors" in question were only distributed with iPhone 3Gs sold in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico and "several Latin American countries." There's a list on Apple's site you can consult, if you're reading from Latin America.