Green Housing on the Rise Around the Globe

Green building is booming even more than expected, indicates a report released today by McGraw-Hill Construction. In our July/August issue, senior writer Linda Tischler reported that 10% of all U.S. housing starts will include some eco-friendly features by 2010. The overall trend looks even more encouraging.

Most firms expect more than 60% of their projects to be green by 2013, according to a study co-penned with the World Green Building Council that targeted early adopters in 45 countries. That’s up from 30% today.

McGraw-Hill found that solar power is the most commonly used renewable energy and it will continue to hold that title as the world develops more green housing. More than half of world firms surveyed currently use solar power in their projects and 76% expect to use solar power by 2013.

Asia, according to the report, is the fastest growing region for green housing, as firms there expect to increase green building from 36% today to 73% in 2013.

With these new expectations, it seems like the whole world wants to go to green housing. So how long will it take for the U.S. to catch up?SL