Yahoo Floats New Homepage

Yahoo [YHOO] is, by most metrics, the most frequented website on the Internet. Conscious that more and more online activity is shifting into the realm of social networks, blogs, and other what-have-yous, the company is debuting a new, more customizable homepage that the Yahoo folks hope will keep their site’s visitor base growing and youthful. 

The new site won’t be rolled out all at once, but will instead be released on a trial basis to some users. The new page will will have a dashboard, of sorts, along the left edge of the page, where little widget-like applications will run (things like Yahoo Mail, AOL and Gmail are examples, as are Flickr notifications, calendar events and eBay bids.)

Eventually, YHOO will roll out more daring changes, like a customizable palette of apps that users can choose to have floating on their homepage. That will come after beta testing, Yahoo has announced.

If you’re reading this thinking, “Can’t people already modify their Yahoo homepage?”, you’re not going crazy. They can: it’s called My Yahoo. It’s not going away with the redesign, but the standard Yahoo page is being altered to look more like it. Ultimately, the company says, the two sites will conflate, creating not just a broadcast site (like Yahoo is now) or just a personal site (like My Yahoo is now), but a combination of both.