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It's getting increasingly difficult to make fun of Asus [TPE:2357] for its incredible fecundity, simply because it keeps coming up with good ideas. The latest is a Skype-certified [EBAY] video phone that looks simple enough for anyone to use.

The device will feature a GUI, icon-based interface whose primary goal will be ease of use. The AiGuru SV1, as it's being called, will be a standalone device, free of any need for PC tethering (just broadband). The integrated LCD screen measures 7 inches and sports VGA video and webcam, and can connect to the Web either via ethernet or WiFi. The best part: it comes with a battery, so it can operate for a while in wireless (true wireless) mode, but you'll have to keep your calls under 20 minutes to stay within battery capacity. 

While specs haven't been finalized, the ultimate iteration should see shelves in October, in time for the Holidays. It will retail for $300.