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The answer my friend...

There is a change in the wind. I am just back from a recent design conference, the IDSA National Conference, and one has the sense that two dramatic changes are in play. First, the idea that design's service to society should be its primary purpose, not design as leverage for commericial purposes. If this is to be the future, the question then becomes: how is it funded? I wonder if anyone has thoughts on that.

The second change I sensed is the refreshing and amazingly low-key attitude and profile of the attendees. The setting, the Arizona desert, might have had something to do with that, but this was not business as usual. In fact it was more of a get away than business at all. (Two things I'd never seen before - celebration of past success and casual conversations from the stage). As competition tightens and design takes its "seat at the table", do you find that design and designers are becoming more casual in approach? Your thoughts?