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Little was known about Intel's [INTC] purported new line of chips, called Core i7, until this morning. Price and architecture details have hit the Web in the form of leaks, and here's what they're saying. Intel itself hasn't confirmed any of these details, but several OEMs have already promised Core i7-based machines.

Here's what's coming: the Core i7 models will be labeled 920, 940, and 965, and run at 2.66GHz, 2.93GHz and 3.2GHz respectively. The processors will have four cores and use the new 45nm footprint, and have boatloads of cache; 8MB of shared L3, and 256k of L2 for each core. Prices for individual chips are unknown, but price rumors for bulk orders suggest that the cost per chip will be pretty steep (1,000 units of the Core i7 965 reportedly costs a formidable $1,000). They'll be released in November.