New Canon DSLR Can Shoot 1080p Video

Small point-and-shoot digicams have had the ability to shoot short videos for a while, but digital SLRs are just catching up. Recently Nikon [TYO:7731] announced its new D90 DSLR, which came with an HD movie mode that shot in 720p. But Canon [CAJ] has one-upped their pro-level rival with the latest EOS 5D Mark II, which sports a full-frame CMOS sensor and adds a full 1080p movie mode that can shoot at 30 frames per second.

The camera’s sensor captures 21MP, and has an ultra-wide array of film speeds, from ISO 50 to ISO 25,600. To process those images, there’s Canon’s DIGIX 4 software loaded on the new 5D, helping to power the 14-bit conversion from analog to digital information. Burst mode shoots at about 4 frames per second, and when shooting JPEG, you can stay in burst mode indefinitely, shooting til your CF card fills up. Pretty neat. RAW bursts, on the other hand, are only good for 14 images at a time.

When it comes to viewing all those lovely bursts, consult the 5D’s new 3-inch rear LCD, which has a 920,000 pixel high-res VGA picture, and supports live view. The 5D body will sell for $2700 when it comes out in November.

Along with the new 5D, Canon also announced a crop of high-end point and shoot cams today, the most salient of which is the 14.7MP PowerShot G10, which can shoot in RAW with its 28mm image-stabilized lens, and which also uses DIGIX 4 image processing software baked-in.