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Audio books and eBooks make way for the…V-book? Simon and Schuster Audio is launching its newest platform—akin to an author presentation, and aimed mainly at iPod users—by partnering with well-known sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer. The V-book format of his New York Times bestseller, The Little Red Book of Selling, was introduced last week.

And while the promise of "having your own motivational speaker" doesn’t sound particularly exciting, the animated, red-shirt-clad Gitomer indeed possesses an emphatic and attention-grabbing presence. His four paper-and-ink bestsellers have sold 2 million copies and six more V-books with Gitomer are in the works. If this test batch proves successful, a spokeswoman says, Simon and Schuster Audio will extend the format to other self-help and personal-development titles.

Packaged to resemble a book, in a small red box with a bookish spine, the V-book includes DVD, DVD-rom (for iPod), and mp3 (audio-only) options. It's not exactly cheap with a list price of $49.95, but Simon and Schuster Audio is hoping to have V-books available for download on iTunes somewhere down the line, which could lower overall costs. And if being able to get a little burst of encouragement from Gitomer before entering a sales call helps land an important deal, why not? I can just see a shy dude getting a live pump-up on his iPod before approaching the girl of his dreams.