How to Make Yourself and Others Happier

1. Honk to Say Something Nice

How’s my driving? bumper stickers aren’t just decoration. “Sometimes drivers aren’t aware that their actions are appreciated,” says Kelmar Safety’s Christina Kelly. “By discussing positive comments, it helps to reinforce with them to continue to do those same safe behaviors out on the road.”

2. Singing Praises

Thanks to social media, if you want to say something nice about a brand, you won’t have to record a song about it like Bruce Springsteen’s “Cadillac Ranch” or “Pink Cadillac.”, for example, lets companies such as Chrysler, Comcast, Google, and Whole Foods interact with customers. They’re mostly about resolving problems, but as more employees join, it will be a great forum for sharing kudos directly. Love Google Maps? You can tell one of its engineers.

3. A Round of Applause

Think of it as a gold star for your friendly flight attendant. Elite American Airlines and American Eagle fliers receive Applause cards they can hand out to staff — from travel agents to pilots — to reward stellar service. For less-seasoned travelers: Just say thank you.